A simple guard script to place a failure image or success image after a build has finished in a consistent location for jenkins jobs.
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Thanks for checking out Jenkins Guard!

Guard-Jenkins checks for the modification of the nextBuildNumber file in a job's directory and then creates a symlink from either fail.png or success.png to $JENKINS_HOME/userContent/jobs/JOB_NAME/current_status.png

A RoadMap can be found on the Wiki.

And a brief introduction can be found on the project's Homepage


  # rb-inotify allows guard to learn of fs events in much more
  # performant way than simple polling
  gem install rb-inotify guard-jenkins

  # in either ~/ or $JENKINS_HOME
  guard init jenkins
  guard [start]


Everyone should pitch in!

If you want to do development on this project you will need:

Rspec ~> 2.6

SimpleCov ~> 0.4

Submit an Issue:

Please file complete bug reports when filing issues That includes your complete environment, exactly what you were doing when it occurred, and for good measure your zodiac sign, hair color, and favorite color.

Even better! If you could provide a link to a Gist or patch with tests that quickly shows how to replicate the issue, that would be perfect

Add a Feature:

Fork the project. Add tests in a similar style to those that already exist (hrm...) Add the feature Issue a pull request!

Write Documentation/Show Examples:

Got an amazing jenkins configuration you've buit with this? Add it to the wiki!