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Guard::Less automatically compiles less (like lessc --watch)

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A guard extension that compiles .less files to .css files when changed.

  • Compatible with Less ~> 2.3.
  • Tested against Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0, Rubinius & JRuby (1.9 mode only).


You will need to have Guard first.

Install the gem with:

gem install guard-less

Add an initial setup to your Guardfile with:

guard init less


Please read Guard usage doc.


guard :less, all_on_start: true, all_after_change: true do
  watch %r{^.*\.less$}

Please read Guard doc for more info about Guardfile DSL.


all_after_change: [true|false]   # run on all files after any changed files
                                    # default: true

all_on_start: [true|false]       # run on all the files at startup
                                    # default: true

output: 'relative/path'          # base directory for output CSS files; if unset,
                                    # .css files are generated in the same directories
                                    # as their corresponding .less file
                                    # default: nil

import_paths: ['lib/styles']     # an array of additional load paths to pass to the
                                 # LESS parser, used when resolving `@import`
                                 # statements
                                 # default: [] (see below)

compress: true                   # minify output

yuicompress: true                # minify output using yui

Output option

By default, .css files will be generated in the same directories as their corresponding .less files (partials beginning with _ are always excluded). To customize the output location, pass the :output option as described above, and be sure to use a match group in the regular expression in your watch to capture nested structure that will be preserved, i.e.

guard :less, output: 'public/stylesheets' do
  watch %r{^app/stylesheets/(.+\.less)$}

will result in app/stylesheets/forums/main.less producing CSS at public/stylesheets/forums/main.css.

Import paths option

As each .less file is parsed, the directory containing the file is automatically prepended to the import paths, so imports relative to your watched dirs like @import 'shared/_type-styles' should always work. You can supply additional paths with this option so that, for the ['lib/styles'] example, a file at lib/styles/reset.less could be imported without a qualified path as @import 'reset'.


Brendan Erwin (@brendanjerwin,


Rémy Coutable


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