A Guard for nanoc



This is a guard for nanoc.

Guard is a framework for listening to filesystem changes and acting upon them. Guard::Nanoc is a plugin for Guard that recompiles Nanoc sites on changes.


Add the guard-nanoc gem inside the nanoc group to your application's Gemfile:

group :nanoc do
  gem 'guard-nanoc'

Unless your Gemfile already specifies a web server, you'll need one as well:

gem 'adsf'

Lastly, ensure that Nanoc is at least version 4.3:

gem 'nanoc', '~> 4.3'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Enter the nanoc site directory for which you want to use guard-nanoc. Create a Guardfile using guard init:

$ bundle exec guard init nanoc

Then run:

$ bundle exec nanoc live

This will start a web server, like nanoc view would, and watch for changes to the site in the background, like guard start would. Whenever you change a file in the Nanoc site directory now, the site will be recompiled! Visit http://localhost:3000 in browser to see it. (In some cases, the port number might not be 3000; check what nanoc live prints to find out the actual port number.)

After editing and saving a file, nanoc live will recompile the site, but it is necessary to reload the page in the browser in order to see the new content that is served by nanoc live.