Guard extension to run cli processes
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Guard::Process Build Status

Guard to run processes and commands.

This gem requires Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0 or JRuby in 1.9 mode.


Please read the Guard documentation to learn how to use Guard.

There is also an exellent screencast available on Railscasts

Additionally there is a great introductory article on Intridea Blog mentioning Guard::Process.


You can add as many process Guards as you want, an example Guardfile:

  guard 'process', :name => 'EndlessRunner', :command => 'rails runner Something::ThatGoesOnAndOn' do

  guard 'process', :name => 'AnotherRunner', :command => ['rails', 'runner', 'AnotherRunner'] do


The following options are available:

  • name The display name of your process in Guard, this is shown when Guard::Process is starting and stopping your process
  • command The command to run as you would run it from the command line. NOTE: You cannot string commands together like you would on the shell with ; or && because of the way guard-process launches its processes, if you need to combine several shell commands you should write a shell script and call from your command.
  • dir The directory in which you want to run the command, if none is given then Ruby's current working directory is used
  • stop_signal The signal that Guard::Process sends to terminate the process when it needs to stop/restart it. This defaults to 'TERM' (in some cases you may need KILL).
  • dont_stop When a reload is triggered this will not stop the process, instead it will wait for the current process run to finish before starting a new one. This is useful for having guard-process execute commands that don't run constantly that you don't want to interrupt as they run.
  • env A Hash with environmental variables to set for the context where your command runs, like so:
  {"SSL_CERTS_DIR" => "/etc/ssl/certs", "JAVA_HOME" => "/usr/local/java"}


Clean up the test cases



  • Updated for Guard 2.x


  • Allow passing in command as an Array as well as a String


  • Adds the dont_stop option


  • Adds the dir option


Pull requests are welcome, please make sure your patches are well tested before contributing. When sending a pull request:

  • Use a topic branch for your change
  • Add tests for your changes using MiniTest::Unit
  • Do not change the version number in the gemspec


Guard::Process is released under the MIT license.


Mark Kremer