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Any chance support could be added for chruby.

It's a very lightweight Ruby switch utility. I have been looking around the code in the runner.rb file but I'm not sure how to get it working.

Basically what you do with RVM:

rvm 1.9.3,1.8.7 exec rspec spec

You do with chruby like so:

chruby ruby-1.9.3 && rspec spec

(Basically switch to Ruby 1.9.3 with chruby 1.9.3 and run rspec spec)

The equivalent in RVM would simply be:

rvm use 1.9.3 && rspec spec

Do you know of a way to get this working (or added) to Guard::RSpec?



thibaudgg commented Dec 11, 2012

Feel free to add a chruby options by submitting a pull request, thanks!

chruby 0.3.0 now has a chruby-exec command:

chruby-exec RUBY [RUBYOPTs] -- COMMAND

Could easily use this in a for-loop to run the test runner against multiple Rubies.


thibaudgg commented Dec 22, 2012

@postmodern great news, can you handle the pull request? Thanks!

@thibaudgg Unfortunately, I cannot due to time and unfamiliarity with guard.


thibaudgg commented Dec 23, 2012

Ok no problem @postmodern have a nice end of the year!

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