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Not looking for :focus in rspec 2.8.0 #91

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The focus flag in rspec is not considered when running spec through guard. It works when running directly with rspec.

See also comments on the rspec project:


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Not sure that's related to guard-rspec, when you say it works when running directly with rspec you launch it via rake spec ? Have you try with bundle exec rspec spec/... (it's the way guard-rspec launch it)?

As a workaround you can add --tag focus in your .rspec file.


Focus flags works when I launch it with bundle exec rspec spec/.. as well as rake spec. The workaround with --tag focus works as well.

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Discussed here too: sporkrb/spork#166


I moved the rspec issue to rspec/rspec-core#554.


I'm closing this issue too here.

Thanks David

@grrrisu grrrisu closed this
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