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<title>guard(1) - Guard keeps an eye on your file modifications.</title>
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<li class='tl'>guard(1)</li>
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<li class='tr'>guard(1)</li>
<h2 id="NAME">NAME</h2>
<p class="man-name">
<code>guard</code> - <span class="man-whatis">Guard keeps an eye on your file modifications.</span>
<p>Guard is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications.</p>
<p><code>guard &lt;COMMAND> &lt;OPTIONS></code></p>
<h3 id="start">start</h3>
<p>Starts Guard. This is the default command if none is provided.</p>
<p>The following options are available:</p>
<p><code>-c</code>, <code>--clear</code>
Clears the Shell after each change.</p>
<p><code>-n</code>, <code>--notify</code> <var>FLAG</var>
Disable notifications (Growl or Libnotify depending on your system).
Notifications can be disabled globally by setting a GUARD_NOTIFY environment variable to false.
FLAG can be <code>true</code>/<code>false</code> or <code>t</code>/<code>f</code>.</p>
<p><code>-g</code>, <code>--group</code> <var>GROUP1</var> <var>GROUP2</var>...
Scopes the Guard actions to the groups specified by GROUP1, GROUP2, etc.
Group names should be separated by spaces.
Plugins that don't belong to a group are considered global and are always run.</p>
<p><code>-P</code>, <code>--plugin</code> <var>PLUGIN1</var> <var>PLUGIN2</var>...
Scopes the Guard actions to the plugins specified by PLUGIN1, PLUGIN2, etc.
Plugin names should be separated by spaces.</p>
<p><code>-d</code>, <code>--debug</code>
Runs Guard in debug mode.</p>
<p><code>-w</code>, <code>--watchdir</code> <var>PATH</var>
Tells Guard to watch PATH instead of <code>./</code>.</p>
<p><code>-G</code>, <code>--guardfile</code> <var>FILE</var>
Tells Guard to use FILE as its Guardfile instead of <code>./Guardfile</code> or <code>~/.Guardfile</code>.</p>
<p><code>-i</code>, <code>--no-interactions</code>
Turn off completely any Guard terminal interactions.</p>
<p><code>-B</code>, <code>--no-bundler-warning</code>
Turn off warning when Bundler is not present.</p>
<p><code>-l</code>, <code>--latency</code>
Overwrite Listen's default latency.</p>
<p><code>-p</code>, <code>--force-polling</code>
Force usage of the Listen polling listener.</p>
<p><code>-y</code>, <code>--wait-for-delay</code>
Overwrite Listen's default <code>wait_for_delay</code>, useful for kate-like editors through ssh access.</p>
<h3 id="init-GUARDS-">init [GUARDS]</h3>
<p>If no Guardfile is present in the current directory, creates an empty Guardfile.</p>
<p>If <var>GUARDS</var> are present, add their default Guardfile configuration to the current Guardfile.
Note that <var>GUARDS</var> is a list of the Guard plugin names without the <code>guard-</code> prefix.
For instance to initialize guard-rspec, run <code>guard init rspec</code>.</p>
<h3 id="list">list</h3>
<p>Lists Guard plugins that can be used with the <code>init</code> command.</p>
<h3 id="-T-show">-T, show</h3>
<p>List defined groups and Guard plugins for the current Guardfile.</p>
<h3 id="-h-help-COMMAND-">-h, help [COMMAND]</h3>
<p>List all of Guard's available commands.</p>
<p>If <var>COMMAND</var> is given, displays a specific help for <var>TASK</var>.</p>
<p>Initialize Guard and a specific Guard plugin at the same time:</p>
<p><code>[bundle exec] guard init [rspec]</code></p>
<p>Run Guard:</p>
<p><code>[bundle exec] guard [start] --watchdir ~/dev --guardfile ~/env/Guardfile --clear --group backend frontend --notify false --debug</code></p>
<p>or in a more concise way:</p>
<p><code>[bundle exec] guard [start] -w ~/dev -G ~/env/Guardfile -c -g backend frontend -n f -d</code></p>
<p>Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil is the main author.</p>
<p>A list of contributors based on all commits can be found here:</p>
<p>The changelog can be found at:</p>
<p>This manual has been written by Remy Coutable.</p>
<h2 id="WWW">WWW</h2>
<ol class='man-decor man-foot man foot'>
<li class='tl'></li>
<li class='tc'>November 2014</li>
<li class='tr'>guard(1)</li>