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Add support for Growl Notification Transport Protocol.

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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
### Improvements
+- Add support for Growl Notification Transport Protocol. ([@netzpirat][])
- [#157]( Allow any return from the Guard watchers. ([@earlonrails][])
- [#156]( Log error and diagnostic messages to STDERR. ([@sunaku][])
- [#152]( Growl Notify API update for a graceful fail. ([@scottdavis][])
@@ -51,26 +51,38 @@ Install the rb-fsevent gem for [FSEvent](
$ gem install rb-fsevent
-You have two possibilities:
+You have three possibilities for getting Growl support:
-Use the [growl_notify gem]( (recommended, compatible with Growl >= 1.3):
+Use the [growl_notify gem](
$ gem install growl_notify
-Use the [growlnotify]( (cli tool for Growl <= 1.2) + the [growl gem](
+The `growl_notify` gem is compatible with Growl >= 1.3 and uses AppleScript to send Growl notifications.
+The gem needs a native C extension to make use of AppleScript and does not run on JRuby and MacRuby.
+Use the [ruby_gntp gem](
+ $ gem install ruby_gntp
+The `ruby_gntp` gem is compatible with Growl >= 0.7 and uses the Growl Notification Transport Protocol to send Growl
+notifications. Guard supports multiple notification channels for customizing each notification type, but it's limited
+to the local host currently.
+Use the [growl gem](
- $ brew install growlnotify
$ gem install growl
-And add them to your Gemfile:
+The `growl` gem is compatible with all versions of Growl and uses a command line tool [growlnotify](
+that must be separately downloaded and installed. You can alsi install it with HomeBrew:
+ $ brew install growlnotify
+Finally you have to add your Growl library of choice to your Gemfile:
gem 'rb-fsevent'
- gem 'growl_notify' # or gem 'growl'
+ gem 'growl_notify' # or gem 'ruby_gntp' or gem 'growl'
-The difference between growl and growl_notify is that growl_notify uses AppleScript to
-display a message, whereas growl uses the `growlnotify` command. In general the AppleScript
-approach is preferred, but you may also use the older growl gem. Have a look at the
-[Guard Wiki]( for more information.
+Have a look at the [Guard Wiki]( for more information.
### On Linux
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