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Make sure questions go to the Google group/IRC and issues to GitHub.

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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Guard [![Build Status](](http://travis-ci.o
Guard is a command line tool that easily handle events on files modifications.
-If you have any questions/issues please join us on our [Google group]( or on `#guard` (
+If you have any questions please join us on our [Google group]( or on `#guard` (
@@ -345,11 +345,13 @@ Development
* Source hosted at [GitHub](
-* Report Issues/Feature requests on [GitHub Issues](
+* Report issues and feature requests to [GitHub Issues](
Pull requests are very welcome! Make sure your patches are well tested. Please create a topic branch for every separate change
you make. Please do not change the version in your pull-request.
+For questions please join us on our [Google group]( or on `#guard` (
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