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+## 1.1.0 - Unreleased
+### Improvements
+- Listening is now handled by the [Listen gem](
+- New `--latency`/`-l` option to overwrite Listen's default latency.
+- New `--force-polling`/`-p` option to force usage of the Listen polling listener.
+- `--watch-all-modifications`/`-A` option is removed and is now always on.
+- `--no-vendor`/`-I` option is removed because the monitoring gems are now part of the [Listen gem]( You can specify a custom version of any monitoring gem directly in your Gemfile if you want to overwrite Listen's default monitoring gems.
+- Guards implementations must now implement `run_on_additions`, `run_on_modifications`, `run_on_removals` and / or `run_on_changes`. The `run_on_change` and `run_on_deletion` methods are deprecated and should be removed as soon as possible. See the [Upgrade guide for existing guards to Guard v1.1]( for more info.
+The Listen integration has been supervised by [@thibaudgg][] and executed by [@Maher4Ever][], [@rymai][] and [@thibaudgg][].
## 1.0.3 - 14 May, 2012
### Improvement

4 comments on commit a911969


thibaudgg replied May 16, 2012

Awesome, thanks!


rymai replied May 16, 2012


thibaudgg replied May 16, 2012

I don't think you missed anything.

I have yet one thing to fix before going beta (I hope at the end of the week).

A it would be great if we could release Guard 1.1 at Euruko... will see :)

/cc @guard/core-team


Maher4Ever replied May 17, 2012

Great job, can't wait for the release.

@thibaudgg Announcing the release of Guard 1.1 at Euruko might be the most epic idea I've heard today :)

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