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## 0.8.6 - October 17, 2011
-### Bug fix
+### Bug fixes
- [#149]( Include objects in changed_paths when Guard allows any return from the watchers. (reported by [@earlonrails][], fixed by [@netzpirat][])
- [#168]( Fix `guard init` path to Guardfile template. (reported by [@semperos][])
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2 comments on commit d7024f8


netzpirat replied Oct 17, 2011

Ah, thanks! I guess it's time to have some rest now. Would you only merge the dev branch into master when we release, or also for documentation changes like this and the travis build status update?


rymai replied Oct 17, 2011

For insignificant changes like these I think we can merge safely or wait for the next release, it makes no real difference I guess, and for the travis build, we should probably merge it since it's in fact made to reflect the current state of the master branch!

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