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When I have ruby_gntp installed, and growl and growl_notify not installed, Guard produces the following message on startup:

Please install growl_notify or growl gem for Mac OS X notification support and add it to your Gemfile

Looking at the code, while the error message definitely needs ruby_gntp adding to it, Guard does appear to be checking for the presence of ruby_gntp, but not finding it.

I've already run bundle update; here's the relevant section of my Gemfile:

  gem 'guard', :git => 'git://'
  gem 'guard-rspec'
  if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /darwin/i then
    gem 'ruby_gntp'
    gem 'rb-fsevent'

(I tried explicitly specifying the git version of guard in case the changes hadn't made it to the gem in the repository - the same thing happens without doing that.)



netzpirat commented Oct 16, 2011

Thanks for the hint that the error message is not including ruby_gntp.

Are you executing Guard with bundle exec? I use Guard form master branch with ruby_gntp without any problems. Another thing that comes me to mind is that RUBY_PLATFORM is returnbing java for JRuby. If you're using JRuby, you should use RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os'] =~ /darwin/i

Thanks - bundle exec guard has eliminated the message; I was just typing guard. So much for doing things the easy way :)

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rymai commented Oct 16, 2011

Since you're using Guard from the master @ GitHub, you have to launch it with bundle exec. :)

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