Not creating timestamps for new files #174

sutherland opened this Issue Oct 28, 2011 · 5 comments


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When Guard is running with watch_all_modifications, timestamps aren't being created for new files.

I believe Guard::Listener#file_modified? needs to be updated to resolve this. However, I don't understand the if statements in this method well enough to provide a fix.


netzpirat commented Nov 24, 2011

Sorry for the lame response time - all core members seems to be very, very busy with other stuff. That particular area of Guard is not easy to understand and must be handled carefully, so there is no quick fix in sight. But many thanks for reporting, we'll take care of it when we have the time and muse for get into it.


thibaudgg commented Jan 4, 2012

Hi @sutherland not sure why timestamps aren't created for new files, can you try to submit a failing spec so we can try to fix it? There's a lot of example of that kind of specs in


rymai commented Jan 9, 2012

Hi @sutherland,

I've pushed a fix for this yesterday, can you give it a try by using Guard from git: gem 'guard', :git => 'git://' and let us know if the issue is solved?

Thanks in advance!


thibaudgg commented Jan 14, 2012

@sutherland please can you tell us if the fix in Guard master works for you?

Looks good. Works for me.

sutherland closed this Jan 14, 2012

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