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I am having the same issue on OS X Lion and Growl 1.2.2 as issue #88 stated. I'ved tried to install the growlnotify and growl gem. But still has that error message. And it's ignoring the :notification => false flag. What I want is just to remove this annoying message.....


I guess you're referring to issue #88 of guard-rspec, because otherwise I don't see any relation from your issue to the Guard issue #88.

The error message you're seeing is due to incompatibilities of the network protocol of Growl. You can't use ruby_gntp with Growl < 1.3, because the GTNP protocol was introduced on Growl for Mac with version 1.3. You should use the growl gem with Growl 1.2.2.

Guard has no :notification => false flag, but you can use notification :off in your Guardfile to turn all notifications off. If you have multiple notification gems installed, you can explicit force a specific one, e.g. notification :growl to use the growl Gem.

This is all described in detail in the README and we call this file README because we think it would help people a lot when they read it. Really, you should do it, all your question would have been answered.


Yep. Sorry for confusion of the ticket num. Cause I initially created issue there but got asked to post it here. And sorry for didn't read the doc about notification as I was using iTerm which sort of has notification. So what I need was basically disable notification in order to dismiss that Error message.

The :notification => :off works thanks but the doc says the following so might need to update the doc then (https://github.com/guard/guard-rspec):

List of available options:
:notification => false # display Growl (or Libnotify) notification after the specs are done running, default: true

Therefore, I think can close this issue once the doc got updated and Thanks for ur help :)


The notification in your Guardfile is a Guard DSL method and affects the global notification settings, whereas :notification => false is an option for guard-rspec.

In other terms, notification :off turns off all notifications for all Guards and guard :rspec, :notification => false turns off only the notification after the specs are done running, as described.

So everything is fine!

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