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Honor ^c in Pry and ask for ^c*2 to exit. #376

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[1] guard(main)> require "uri" #=> true
[2] guard(main)> URI.parse('")
01:57:13 - INFO - Bye bye...

Or give us an option to enable a ^c2 that way if we take advantage of the REPL we aren't taken by surprise when we are kicked out of guard and Pry when we screw up and try to exit out of the continuation with ^c. Edit: *I mean I could always remap ^c in Pry and Guard but it would be nice to have the option.

Guard member

Seems like a good thing to add, can you submit a pull request please? Thanks!

@netzpirat netzpirat added a commit that closed this issue
@netzpirat netzpirat Review thread and interrupt handling.
This changes the thread coordination of Guard/Listen/interactor
by using Listen in non-blocking mode. This should fix some
thread issues on 1.8.7, at least I cannot reproduce it anymore.
 (Closes #360)

 In addition the signal handling was changed: If the Pry interactor
 is used, then Ctrl-C is delegated to Pry to exit continuation and
 Ctrl-D to exit Guard. Without interactor, Ctrl-C exists Guard and
 Ctrl-D is ignored. (Closes #376)
@netzpirat netzpirat closed this in eab78f7
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