Add the ability to initialize all guards at once and a --bare option to the init task #232

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Hello Guard core-devs,

Today I have spent some time implementing a feature-request I found on your issues-tracker.

As a consequence of the new features, Guard has changed a bit:

  • The init task defaults now to searching for installed guards and adding them to the new Guardfile.
  • The old functionality has been moved to the new --bare or -b option for the init task. This will just generate a Guard file with the default Guard template.
  • Multiple invokes of the init task with the --bare option will display an error and abort the Guard process if a Guardfile already exists (just like it used to do). This is not the case when invoking the init task with or w/o a guard name; These will result in adding the same templates to the Guardfile.

The new features has been documented, tested and added to the README file. I also made sure that all tests pass on travis-ci to make merging this feature easier.



Awesome, very good work! We'll release that in Guard 1.1, thanks.

@thibaudgg thibaudgg merged commit 3e854a9 into guard:master Jan 28, 2012

Woot, thanks a lot!


You are all more than welcome, keep up the good work :)

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