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Custom pry command cookbook 

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Pry allows you to create custom commands, so you can customize the Guard interactor. See and for more information.

Switch RSpec formatter

This commands allows you to switch the used RSpec formatter quickly:

Pry::Commands.block_command 'fuu', "Use fuubar formatter in rspec" do
  options = ::Guard.guards(:rspec).runner.options
  options[:cli] = options[:cli].sub(/\-\-format \w+/, '--format Fuubar')
  output.puts "Using Fuubar as RSpec formatter."

Pry::Commands.block_command 'doc', "Use documentation formatter in rspec" do
  options = ::Guard.guards(:rspec).runner.options
  options[:cli] = options[:cli].sub(/\-\-format \w+/, '--format documentation')
  output.puts "Using Documentation as RSpec formatter."

Disable plugins unneeded for Guard interaction

~/.guardrc is just a pryrc that is specific to Guard, so you can use it to disable plugins only in Guard's Pry instance and not those you normally use in development. For instance, pry-stack_explorer is a useful plugin for debugging, but its state output such as frame number indication is unwanted noise in Guard output. So, in ~/.guardrc simply disable it:

Pry.plugins['stack_explorer'] && Pry.plugins['stack_explorer'].disable!

Note that rc files are evaluated before plugins are fully loaded.

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