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Falls back to polling on MacRuby #50

semaperepelitsa opened this Issue · 12 comments

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When I'm using MRI it works fine, but when I use MacRuby it falls back to polling. It has rb-fsevent installed:

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

ffi (1.0.11)
hotcocoa (0.6.3)
listen (0.4.7)
rb-fchange (0.0.5)
rb-fsevent (0.9.1)
rb-inotify (0.8.8)
rmagick (2.13.1)

Any ideas? This is MacRuby 0.12 (ruby 1.9.2) [universal-darwin10.0, x86_64], OS 10.7.4


We never test listen (and I think rb-fsevent) on MacRuby, so it seems to didn't work :)

Have you try to run the test suite?


It just stops at a random moment with this error:

terminate called throwing an exception
zsh: illegal hardware instruction
/usr/local/bin/rspec spec/**/*_spec.rb

@guard/core-team is anyone have some experience with MacRuby and this error illegal hardware instruction?


I have no MacRuby experience, but I'd ask on the MacRuby mailing list.


@netzpirat thanks!


@netzpirat do you get some answer on the MacRuby mailing list?


I haven't asked myself, I've just said I would ask if I were @semaperepelitsa :P


Got it, @semaperepelitsa have you done that? :)


I can't help either because I don't use Mac on a daily basis.


I am having a similar problem (MacRuby 0.12; guard-rspec works fine on Ruby 1.9.3 on the same machine and the same files):

20:51:07 - ERROR - Invalid Guardfile, original error is:
> [#] undefined method `include' for #<Guard::Dsl:0x40151f7a0 ...>
20:51:07 - ERROR - No guards found in Guardfile, please add at least one.
20:51:07 - INFO - Guard is now watching at '/Users/admin/app'
Assertion failed: ((b->flags & flags) == flags), function rb_vm_prepare_block, file dispatcher.cpp, line 1409.
Abort trap: 6

Has anyone managed to use guard on MacRuby?


@preadaptation I never heard of someone using Guard on MacRuby sorry.


All the same, thanks for your reply @thibaudgg.

@thibaudgg thibaudgg closed this
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