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Release 3.0.1

latest commit e7dba63f25
@e2 e2 authored
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adapter Fix regressions (requires+pause error) [fix #325]
event Fix regressions (requires+pause error) [fix #325]
internals allow ThreadPool to work with stubs
record skip already watched symlinked dirs
silencer refactor Listener with Silencer::Controller class
adapter.rb avoid hitchhiking Celluloid's Logger
backend.rb add Backend class for handling adapters
change.rb remove TODO
cli.rb use processing? instead of nice but ambiguous listen?
directory.rb try to be a bit smarter at detecting type
file.rb avoid hitchhiking Celluloid's Logger
fsm.rb remove Celluloid
listener.rb rework and reduce Listener class
logger.rb fixed ruby-1.9.3 parser issue for rdoc creation
options.rb avoid hitchhiking Celluloid's Logger
queue_optimizer.rb remove TCP-related local_fs? methods
record.rb refactor record to contain one watched dir
silencer.rb treat sed changes as modifications [fix #288]
version.rb Release 3.0.1
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