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Java implementation of Scala Option
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Java Option Class

Implementation of Scala Option in Java.


Including in Maven

Available from the Guardian github repository:


And check for the latest version number.

Creating options

import static;
import static;
import static;


Option<Integer> s1 = some(6174);
Option<Integer> n1 = none();
Option<Integer> s2 = option(6174);   // is Some(6174)
Option<Integer> n2 = option(null);   // is None

You may have a headache with ensuring correct typing if you use none() in expressions.

Accessing options

Iterable for-syntax is available:

Option<Integer> s = some(6174);
Option<Integer> n = none();

for (Integer i : s) {
// Do something with i = 6174

for (Integer i : n) {
    // Not executed

As are get and getOrElse: Option s = some(6174); Option n = none();

System.out.println(s.get());            // prints 6174
System.out.println(s.getOrElse(5740));  // prints 6174
System.out.println(n.getOrElse(5740));  // prints 5740

Operating with functions and Options

To map, flatMap, foreach, etc on Options, function interfaces are provided:


Option<Integer> s = some(1);
Option<Integer> n = none();

final Function<Integer,Integer> f = new Function<Integer,Integer>() {
   public Integer apply(Integer x) { return x * 2; }

System.out.println(;        // prints Some(2)
System.out.println(;        // prints None

final Function<Integer,Option<Integer>> f2 = new Function<Integer,Option<Integer>>() {
   public Option<Integer> apply(Integer x) { return some(x * 2); }

System.out.println(s.flatMap(f2));   // prints Some(2)
System.out.println(n.flatMap(f2));   // prints None

final UnitFunction<Integer> f3 = new UnitFunction<Integer>() {
   public void apply(Integer x) { System.out.println(x * 2); }

s.foreach(f3);                      // prints 2
n.foreach(f3);                      // does nothing

Filtering and testing

The methods isDefined, isEmpty, filter, exists are implemented as their Scala counterparts.

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