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Guardian front pages editor
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Facia Tool

The Guardian front pages editor.

Client V2

Fronts Client V2 is in Active Development. You'll find it over at client-v2.

Setup (need to be done once)

  1. Install NVM.
  2. Get credentials from Janus.
  3. From the project root, run ./scripts/

Dev Start

  1. To run the application:
    • From the project root, run ./scripts/
    • From the project root, run without debug ./scripts/ --no-debug
  2. Open

Unit tests

IT tests with Database

sbt test database-int:test

Pressing fronts

  • Before fronts can appear on site, they have to be pressed by Facia-Press which lives on the frontend account.

  • The fronts tool sends events to an sqs queue which Facia-Press listens. You can read more about Facia-Press here.

  • If you are adding a new kind of content to a front or changing the front configuration, you should check that the front can still be pressed.

  • To check this, check that a piece of content still appears on frontend. Edit the articles appearing on a front, launch the front and check that your changes are appearing here:{name-of-front}

  • If the front that you are trying to view cannot be found, it is probably because the front is hidden.

  • You can remove this property from the front in the fronts config page.

  • Select the front your are trying to view on the config page, click on the edit-metadata link, and deselect the is hidden-property.

  • If you are developing locally and do not have frontend credentials from janus, the fronts tool won't have permissions to push events to the sqs queue that Facia-Press reads from. To test that a front is pressed, you will have to deploy your changes to code, and test the code from there.


  • If you wish to delete everything in the database you can use docker-compose down -v which will delete the container's persistent volumes.

  • If you wish to connect to the local database you can run ./scripts/ which has the user, database and password preconfigured and ready to go.

  • If you need the master passwords for the production postgres instances they are stored as SSM parameters and can be found at:

    • CODE: facia-tool/cms-fronts/CODE/db/password
    • PROD: facia-tool/cms-fronts/PROD/db/password To fetch these can be fetched using the aws cli like so:

    aws ssm get-parameter --name /facia-tool/cms-fronts/CODE/db/password --with-decryption --profile cmsFronts --region eu-west-1


Fronts tool uses eslint to ensure consistent style. Run eslint with

grunt eslint

More detailed instructions of how to develop fronts tool available here

Get Fronts Editors

There is a script to get a list of the fronts editors in the get-editors-script. See the script README for more details.

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