The Guardian’s new image management system
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auth class anti forgery mismatch as 4XX Jun 27, 2018
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cropper reduce quality of master crop to 95 Aug 22, 2018
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image-loader log endpoint to measure usage Aug 15, 2018
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leases Syndication leases logic Jul 30, 2018
media-api Add deny lease description Sep 11, 2018
metadata-editor update inferred rights when updating an image's photoshoot Aug 11, 2018
project Bump play version to fix warning when handling Route53 healthchecks May 3, 2018
reaper Add README and review changes Oct 9, 2017
s3watcher Revert "[Snyk] Fix for 1 vulnerable dependencies" Jul 30, 2018
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thrall only set credit suggestion if credit exists Sep 14, 2018
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.editorconfig Update .editorconfig Oct 9, 2017
.gitignore run imgops in docker May 9, 2018
.nvmrc add nvmrc May 18, 2018
.sbtopts Revert "add debug port to sbtopts" Jul 5, 2018
COPYING Skeleton of Play 2.6 and SBT 1.0 project Apr 20, 2018 Update Jun 14, 2018 Docs updates (#2064) Jul 19, 2017 Update README and vision to make the repo more public-friendly. Jul 3, 2015
build.sbt use custom project name to allow test docker containers to be run wit… Aug 7, 2018 add --debug flag to Jul 13, 2018
docker-compose-test.yml use custom project name to allow test docker containers to be run wit… Aug 7, 2018
docker-compose.yml run imgops in docker May 9, 2018 add script to fetch dev config Apr 5, 2018
nginx-mappings.yml add nginx mapping for elasticsearch May 17, 2018
package-lock.json Replace reaper python script with lambda Oct 6, 2017 Call kahuna setup from master setup Jan 28, 2015 use healthcheck endpoint for ping Apr 19, 2016


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Grid is the Guardian’s image management system, which provides a universal and fast experience accessing media that is organised and using it in an affordable way to produce high-quality content.

See the Vision document for more details on the core principles behind this project.

Screenshot of Grid search

Grid runs as a set of independent micro-services (Scala and Play Framework) exposed as hypermedia APIs (argo) and accessed using a rich Web user interface (AngularJS).

Grid relies on Elasticsearch for blazing-fast searching, and AWS services as additional storage and communication mechanisms.

See the docs for setup and running guides.