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Join the chat at

Grid is the Guardian’s new image management system, which provides a universal and fast experience accessing media that is organised and using it in an affordable way to produce high-quality content.

See the Vision document for more details on the core principles behind this project.

Screenshot of Grid search

Grid runs as a set of independent micro-services (Scala and Play Framework) exposed as hypermedia APIs (argo) and accessed using a rich Web user interface (AngularJS).

Grid relies on Elasticsearch for blazing-fast searching, and AWS services as additional storage and communication mechanisms.

Running the applications


You will need to install:

  • sbt
  • JDK 8
  • Nginx
  • GraphicsMagick sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick or brew install graphicsmagick --with-little-cms2.

If you get a permissions issue when running brew install graphicsmagick --with-little-cms2 you can install little cms (brew install little-cms2 ) and then compile graphicsmagick from source, it will automatically pick up on the little cms installation


To run correctly in standalone mode we run behind nginx, this can be installed as follows:

  1. Install nginx:

    • Linux: sudo apt-get install nginx
    • Mac OSX: brew install nginx
  2. Make sure you have a sites-enabled folder under your nginx home. This should be

    • Linux: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
    • Mac OSX: /usr/local/etc/nginx/
  3. Make sure your nginx.conf (found in your nginx home) contains the following line in the http{} block: include sites-enabled/*;

    • you may also want to disable the default server on 8080
  4. Get the dev-nginx repo checked out on your machine

  5. Set up certs if you've not already done so

  6. Configure the app routes in nginx

    sudo /setup-app.rb /nginx-mapping.yml


You can run to install and start Elasticsearch. You can use the script to start up Elasticsearch even if it's already installed.

Alternatively you can do these steps manually:

Run the Elasticsearch installer from the elasticsearch directory:

    $ cd elasticsearch/
    $ ./

Start Elasticsearch from the elasticsearch directory:

    $ cd elasticsearch/
    $ ./

Generate .properties files

Guardian devs can follow the guide in the dev-utils folder of this private repo. This will give you some tips about our specific configuration.

The general process is as follows:

Generate your .properties files for the various media-service services using the dot-properties generator

This will also create a file that configures the pan-domain authentication

This file will be used by the different applications to share auth config, so that CORS is enabled across APIs.

Make sure you put the generated .properties files in /etc/gu/ instead of ~/.gu/ as many apps do.

Run the services

There are a few different ways to run the services, please see here.


As the Play Framework does not yet support SNI NGINX can't always work out which certificate to send where there are multiple services on the same IP. This might result in NGINX sending the incorrect certificate. This will result in a HostnameVerifier Exception appearing in application logs.


When the correct cert to send is ambiguous NGINX simply sends the first cert it sees in it's configuration (which is loaded from config files in alphabetical order) to resolve this problem, prefix your grid config filename with 0-!