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Getting Started


Play: 2.4.6 sbt: 0.13.9 Scala: 2.11.7

Add the dependency to your build

resolvers += "Guardian Github Snapshots" at ""
libraryDependencies += "" %% "management-play" % "8.0"

Look at the example!

The example project has management routes set up and uses some switches and timing metrics.

$ git clone
$ cd guardian-management-play
$ sbt
> project example
> run

Try the following URLs locally:

Also, enable the take-it-down switch and retry /scala-app.

Using the internal server in Play 2

Configure your dependencies

resolvers += "Guardian Github Snapshots" at ""
libraryDependencies += "" %% "management-play" % "8.0"

Add to the play configuration

Add the following line to conf/application.conf:

play.modules.enabled += ""

Bind the management pages

The module must have the pages and application name set in your Global onStart function.

Create a scala Object that mixes in the trait to provide the list of pages and your application name to the plugin:

package conf

object YourApplicationManagement extends Management {
  val applicationName = "your-application-name"

  lazy val pages = List(
    new ManifestPage,
    new HealthcheckManagementPage,
    new Switchboard(applicationName, Switches.all),
    StatusPage(applicationName, Metrics.all),
    new LogbackLevelPage(applicationName)

If Global.scala doesn't exist in your project then create it with the skeleton provided below. Otherwise add a call to InternalManagementServer.start(...) to your onStart method.

import conf.YourApplicationManagement
import play.api.Application

object Global {
  override def onStart(app: Application): Unit = {
    InternalManagementServer.start(app, YourApplicationManagement)