Guss is a collection of Sass bower components, re-usable across multiple Guardian web products
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bower install guss --save
@import 'bower_components/sass-mq/_mq';
@import 'bower_components/guss-css3/_css3';
@import 'bower_components/guss-rem/_rem';
@import 'bower_components/guss-grid-system/_grid-system';
@import 'bower_components/guss-layout/_row';
@import 'bower_components/guss-layout/_columns';
@import 'bower_components/guss-typography/_typography';
@import 'bower_components/guss-colours/_colours';
@import 'bower_components/guss-webfonts/_webfonts';


Guss (Guardian Style Sheets) is a collection of universal components re-usable across Guardian web products.

It is inspired by Nicolas Gallagher's Suit framework.


  • guss-css3: Sass mixins for the most frequently used CSS3 features
  • guss-rem: Use rem units in your CSS in a retro-compatible way



Use SassDoc to build the documentation locally:

  1. Install SassDoc: npm install sassdoc -g
  2. Install Guss: bower install guss
  3. Build the docs: sassdoc bower_components sassdoc --config bower_components/guss/sassdoc.json
  4. Read the docs: open sassdoc/index.html