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Scala Music API Client

This project is a Scala wrapper around several public music web APIs.


SBT (0.7.x)

val guardianSnapshot = "Guardian GitHub Snapshot" at ""
val musicApis = "" %% "music_2.8.1" % "0.1.X-SNAPSHOT" // will get all music API projects
val lastFmApis = "" %% "lastfm-api_2.8.1" % "0.1.X-SNAPSHOT"
val musicMetricApis = "" %% "musicmetric-api_2.8.1" % "0.1.X-SNAPSHOT"


Checkout the project, demo, to see how to call the companion objects for the case class wrappers.


To publish to your local Maven/IVY repository, when in sbt (using ./sbt10) run the command reload clean compile


The newly created package will be available. Update your dependent projects accordingly.

To publish to the Guardian Github repository, ensure you have cloned the Github repository into your home directory like so:

cd ~ && git clone

Then once again in sbt (using ./sbt10) run the command


This will copy the packages to the directory


Then change directories to here and add/commit accordingly. You will receive an email from Github when the pages have been launched. You will then be able to reference from your dependent projects.

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