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Updated readme for grunt based build.

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@@ -6,20 +6,18 @@ Pasteup is where design meets development. It is where the Guardian’s globally
**Why Pasteup?** It's a newspaper term for "the assemblage of pages by pasting type onto page mockups, which are then photographed to be made into metal plates for the printing press" (courtesy of John E McIntyre). This is quite a nice metaphor for how client-side development builds the Guardian's pages. Plus it sounds cool.
Getting started
- > ./ # Installs build/server dependencies, including nodejs and npm.
- > cd build
- > node server.js # Starts server on http://localhost:3000
+To build Pasteup you need the following installed:
-You should now be able to reach the docs homepage at http://localhost:3000/docs/index.html. Any changes you make in the `/less`, `/js`, or `/content` directories will trigger a full build, and immediatley be available for viewing on localhost.
+* nodejs
+* npm
+* grunt
+On linux you can run `> ./setup` to do this.
-Pasteup uses LESS to build and minify CSS. Sometimes, if you ask nicely you can use a CSS variable - or maybe even a mixin.
+With these dependencies installed try the following.
+`> grunt # Build Pasteup, starts server on localhost:3000 and watches files for changes.`
-Pasteup uses RequireJS and the AMD pattern to split JavaScript into modules, along with the built in optimizer to build production versions of these modules.
+`> grunt build # Runs the build.`
@@ -17,3 +17,11 @@ sudo make install
echo "Installing npm"
echo "==============================================="
curl -L | sudo sh
+echo "Installing grunt"
+echo "==============================================="
+npm install -g grunt
+echo "Installing bower"
+echo "==============================================="
+npm install -g bower

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