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is a spider script specifically for checking links in moved domains.


  • a directory called links-<yyyy>-<mm>-<dd>T<hh>-<mm>, which will hold a file for each page spidered.
    These files show categories of links for a particular page, which are prefixed by a number for easy grepping:

    1. Links to URLs neither in legacy domain or new domain
    2. Good links to new domain
    3. Bad links to new domain
    4. Bad links to legacy domain
    5. Good links to legacy domain that will work if they're rewritten to target the new domain
    6. Good links to legacy domain that won't work if they're rewritten to target the new domain
    7. References to a search term found in the body of the page, if a search term is given.
  • spidering activity will be logged to audit.out.<yyyy>-<mm>-<dd>T<hh>-<mm>
    This shows status of linked URLs, and which renderer renders them.
    It also shows redirects and reports redirect chains.


A typical use of the script is:
./ / 3
which would follow links from to a depth of 3.

To use a proxy, eg to simulate connecting from US:
./ /culture 2

To look for specific text in pages, eg 'umbrella':
./ /culture 2 "" umbrella