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  • foo.js is a module, reqwest.js is a third party module
  • foo.js requires reqwest.js
  • bar.js requires foo.js

Install requirejs and run the test,

npm -g install requirejs

Contents of tmp/bar.js after the compilation,

!function (name, definition) {    <----- i. the original 'reqwest' module
      if (typeof module != 'undefined') module.exports = definition()
            else if (typeof define == 'function' && define.amd) define(name, definition)
                  else this[name] = definition()
}('reqwest', function () {
      return {} 

define("reqwest",[], function(){});   <----- ii. empty named 'reqwest' module

define('modules/foo',['reqwest'], function (r) { 

define('bar',['modules/foo'], function (f) { 
        console.log('foo', f);

The require optimiser produces an empty module (see ii. above) alongside the actual reqwest module (see i. above).

The means :-

  • curl.js and almond (alternate JS loaders) can not load our code as they use the second, empty module.
  • require.js is working by luck (just by picking the first named module it finds).