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SBT Benchmark Plugin

SBT plugin to support separate test sources for benchmarking. Adds support for src/benchmark as additional test sources.


Plugins file:

import sbt._

class Plugins(info: ProjectInfo) extends PluginDefinition(info) {
  val guardian = "Guardian GitHub" at ""
  val solr = "" % "sbt-benchmark-plugin" % "0.1"

Project file:

import sbt._

class MyProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info) with Benchmarks {

Put your benchmark tests in src/benchmark/scala. This is used as test sources in the following new actions:

  • benchmark: Run benchmarks in src/benchmark
  • benchmark-compile: Compile benchmarks in src/benchmark
  • benchmark-only: Runs the benchmarks provided as arguments.

Sample Benchmarks

A simple benchmark test might look like the following:


import org.scalatest.FunSuite
import scala.testing.Benchmark

case class SampleBenchmark() extends Benchmark {
  def run = {
    Thread sleep 5000

class SampleBenchmarkTest extends FunSuite {
  test("SampleBenchmark") {
    val timings = SampleBenchmark() run 5
    println("Total execution time: " + timings.sum)
    println("Mean execution time: " + (timings.sum/timings.length))