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An SBT plugin for running jasmine tests in your build.
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An SBT plugin for running jasmine tests in your build.

Getting the plugin

The most convenient way of using this plugin is to add a source dependency in a scala file under project/project:

lazy val plugins = Project("plugins", file("."))

you will also need to import the plugin's settings in the usual way:

seq(jasmineSettings : _*)

Running the plugin

Override the following settings setting in your build:

  • appJsDir - the root directory where your application javascript lives
  • appJsLibDir - the root directory where you put javascript library files thast your application uses (e.g jquery)
  • jasmineTestDir - the directory that contains your jasmine tests, jasmine will look for /specs and /mocks sub directories
  • jasmineConfFile - the test.dependencies.js configuration file that loads the required application js and lib js files into the test context.

For a project laid out as follows:

|-- main
|   `-- webapp
|       `-- static
|           `-- js
|               `-- samples
|                   |-- <app js files here>
|                   `-- lib
|                       `-- <js library files here>
`-- test
    `-- webapp
        `-- static
            `-- js
                |-- mocks
                |   `-- <jasmine mock js files here>
                |-- specs
                |   |-- <jasmine spec js files here>
                `-- test.dependencies.js

The project configuration would be:

appJsDir <+= sourceDirectory { src => src / "main" / "webapp" / "static" / "js" / "samples"}

appJsLibDir <+= sourceDirectory { src => src / "main" / "webapp" / "static" / "js" / "samples" / "lib" }

jasmineTestDir <+= sourceDirectory { src => src / "test" / "webapp" / "static" / "js" }

jasmineConfFile <+= sourceDirectory { src => src / "test" / "webapp" / "static" / "js" / "test.dependencies.js" }

You can now run the jasmine task to run the tests.

Paths exposed to your tests

The following path variables are available to your javascript (in test.dependencies.js and the tests):

  • EnvJasmine.testDir = the jasmineTestDir (note no trailing slash on this path)
  • EnvJasmine.mocksDir = EnvJasmine.testDir / mocks
  • EnvJasmine.specsDir = EnvJasmine.testDir / specs
  • EnvJasmine.rootDir = the appJsDir
  • EnvJasmine.libDir = the appJsLibRoot

N.B. all path variables have a trailing slash so you don't need to add them yourself when building paths. Thus to load the query library as in your test.dependencies.js file you would add the following line:

EnvJasmine.loadGlobal(EnvJasmine.libDir + "jquery-1.4.4.js");

Running as part of test

To automatically run the jasmine plugin as part of your project's test phase you can add the following to you build.sbt:

(test in Test) <<= (test in Test) dependsOn (jasmine)


To release a new version, tag it and push the tag to github.

git tag -a 1.XXX
git push --tags
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