an sbt plugin for running jshint validation on .js files
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An SBT plugin for running jshint code analysis on .js files in your build.

Getting the plugin

The most convenient way of using this plugin is to add a source dependency in a scala file under project/project:

lazy val plugins = Project("plugins", file("."))

you will also need to import the plugin's settings in the usual way:

seq(jshintSettings : _*)

Running the plugin

Override the jshintFiles setting in your build:

jshintFiles <+= sourceDirectory { src =>
 (src / "main"/ "webapp" / "static" / "js" ** "*.js") --- (src / "main"/ "webapp" / "static" / "js" / "lib" ** "*.js")

you can now run the jshint task which will analyse the files you have configured.

Configuring the plugin

The jshint plugin can be configured with the following settings:

  • jshintFiles - the files to analyse

  • jshintMercy - the number of errors allowed before the jshint task will fail (defaults to 0, showing no mercy)

  • jshintOptions - a js file that defines a JSLINT_OPTIONS object that configures which jshint validations to run. If not set the options defined in src/main/resouces/defaultOptions.js are used.

jshintOptions <+= baseDirectory { base =>
  base / "jshintOptions.js"

Running as part of test

To automatically run the jshint plugin as part of your project's test phase you can add the following to you build.sbt:

(test in Test) <<= (test in Test) dependsOn (jshint)


To release a new version, tag it and push the tag to github.

git tag -a 1.XXX
git push --tags