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SBT plugin for Play 2 to create magenta deployable artifacts
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SBT plugin to build a magenta deployable artifact from Play 2.0.

You might also be interested in the related sbt-play-assethash

Why use this?

If you are writing a new Play 2 application and want to use magenta to deploy it then you will find that this plugin takes care of some basic tasks to create a suitable file, this includes:

  • Creating one super deluxe executable JAR file using sbt-assembly
  • Bundling the JAR file and your deploy.json into an
  • Ensuring that common settings are provided and common conflicts are resolved
  • Printing the magical TeamCity line to inform the CI server where the artifact is

How to use

The most convenient way of using this plugin is to add a source dependency in a scala file under project/project:

val playArtifactPluginVersion = "" // tag id you want to use
lazy val plugins = Project("plugins", file("."))
    .dependsOn(uri("git://" + playArtifactPluginVersion))

Then add artifact.Artifact.distSettings or artifact.Artifact.compileSettings in your project. distSettings includes compileSettings - the only time you might want to use only the latter is when making a common library (such as frontend-common.

  val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = SCALA)
    .settings(compileSettings: _*)


To release a new version, tag it and push the tag to github.

git tag -a 1.XXX
git push --tags
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