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SBT Solr Plugin

SBT plugin for Solr projects. Downloads and constructs a Solr context to contain specified conf files.


Plugins file:

import sbt._

class Plugins(info: ProjectInfo) extends PluginDefinition(info) {
  val guardian = "Guardian GitHub" at ""
  val solr = "" % "sbt-solr-plugin" % "0.2"

Project file:

import sbt._

class MyProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends SolrProject(info) {

Put your Solr conf directory in src/main/solr. This is copied on prepare-webapp and forms the Solr home for the container.

Use jetty-run to start. Uses port 8983 by default, override by changing jettyPort in your project definition. Hangs off a /solr context in Jetty, so URLs are the same as a Solr started with start.jar. You can change this context by overriding jettyContextPath in your project definition.

At present, defaults to Solr 1.4.1. Change this by overriding solrVersion in your project definition. You will also need to place a copy of the Solr war for this version in a repository somewhere with the group identifier org.apache.solr and artifact identifier solr-webapp. You will also need to rename the war from solr.war to solr-webapp-[version].war. This repository will have to be added to your project definition.

You can get a development trunk build of Solr 4.0 by using:

  val guardian_github = "Guardian GitHub" at ""
  override def solrVersion = "4.0-trunk-build-1343"


Developing with jetty-run, ~prepare-webapp may not work as expected. You may want to jetty-restart instead.

Add the following to your src/main/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml if you want to specify a index directory outside of target. And you do want to do this or prepare-webapp will hose your index each time.