This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
This project has ended, but ChatSecure iOS continues. For Android, please use Conversations or Zom instead
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This Repository is Retired

ChatSecure for Android has been renamed and is continuing under the name Zom.

Learn more about Zom here:

Head to the new repo here:

Everything below is considered archived.

ChatSecure for Android (previously known as Gibberbot) is a secure messaging app built on open standards like XMPP/Jabber and OTR encryption:

It includes OTR4J:

and BouncyCastle for Java:

and SQLCipher for Android:

Original wallpaper generated using Tapet app and Gimp:

and previously included some CC0 public domain beautiful images: Ry Van

Bug reports

Please report any and all bugs or problems that you find. This is essential for us to be able to improve this software!

Build Instructions

First make sure you have the Android SDK and Eclipse installed. Follow instructions here:

Please help us keep this process easy by letting us know if you have problems. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to email us at or jump into our IRC chatrooms for real-time help at #guardianproject on freenode or OFTC (

Get the source

The source code is all in the main git repos, with sub-projects setup as git submodules:

git clone
cd ChatSecureAndroid
git submodule update --init

ant setup

We use ant to make our official releases and automated test builds. If you are not familiar with Eclipse, then it is easier to start with the ant build:

export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk
ant clean debug

Then the installable APK will be in bin/ChatSecure-debug.apk.

Eclipse setup

  1. Start by adding ChatSecureAndroid to Eclipse by going to File -> New -> Project... -> Android project from existing code.

  2. Open the ChatSecureAndroid folder that was just cloned from git.

  3. Eclipse will next show a list of subprojects to import, all of the libraries with New Project Name of library must be renamed after the project name, i.e. SlidingMenu, AndroidEmojiInput, ViewPagerIndicator.

  4. Click Deselect All. The sample and example projects are not needed, and can cause conflicts.

  5. Select ChatSecure again by clicking the top item in the list.

  6. Outside of Eclipse, open up the text file Then back in Eclipse, for each line that starts with android.library.reference, select that path from the list of included sub-projects in Eclipse.

Now you should be ready to build ChatSecure!

Test Instructions

mvn test

See robo-tests/ for eclipse instructions.

Currently the instrumented target tests (to be run on a device) in the directory tests are empty.


adb shell setprop log.tag.GB.XmppConnection DEBUG

Building for a Locale

ant -Dgibberbot.locale=fa release