Commits on Mar 20, 2017
  1. mark as unmaintained in README

    eighthave committed Mar 20, 2017
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #167 from CameronNemo/stop-debian-cleanup

    SDkie committed Jul 1, 2015 simplified
Commits on Mar 28, 2015
  1. simplified

    CameronNemo committed Mar 28, 2015
Commits on Feb 18, 2015
  1. use HTTPS url for git submodules so they work for everyone

    eighthave committed Feb 18, 2015
    In order to use the ssh URL (i.e. the user must have a
    github account setup.  It is possible to anonymously access HTTPS github
    URLs, and all submodules should use URLs that can be accessed by anyone
    without special setup.
    closes #160
Commits on Feb 17, 2015
  1. do not fail if `make clean` cannot run in external/gnupg/

    eighthave committed Feb 17, 2015
    gnupg uses an autotools build, so there might not be a Makefile there, which
    makes `make clean` fail.  When that happens, the overall `make clean`
    process should continue on and not fail.
  2. make-release-build: build on non-release commits, and mark the APK fi…

    eighthave committed Feb 17, 2015
    Instead of refusing to build anything but a release tag, this changes the
    behavior to issue a warning, but go ahead and make the build anyway.  Then
    the resulting APK file is named according to `git describe`, so it is
    clearly marked as a non-release-build.
Commits on Feb 10, 2015
  1. make-release-build: APK names should only have letters and numbers

    eighthave committed Feb 10, 2015
    This was trying to use "Lil' Debi" in the APK name, but that would just
    cause trouble, so striping the special chars and spaces out.
  2. add `env` to built-in busybox to allow for more flexible scripting

    eighthave committed Feb 10, 2015
    #131 #131
    might be useful for working with LD_PRELOAD to support 5.0/Lollipop
    #145 #145
Commits on Feb 9, 2015
  1. busybox: built entirely static binary to get around PIE requirement

    eighthave committed Jan 30, 2015
    PIE is only required if an executable links to shared libraries.  This
    should be the final piece needed to support Gingerbread (10/2.3.3) through
    Lollipop (21/5.0).
    closes #145 #145
  2. build gpgv v1.4.18 from source, statically to get around PIE vs non-PIE

    eighthave committed Jan 30, 2015
    If an executable is built fully statically, with no dynamic linking at all,
    then the same binary will work on both PIE systems (android-21 and above),
    and systems where PIE does not work (older than android-16).
    refs #145 #145
    closes eighthave#2
  3. do not include non-word characters in project/APK name

    eighthave committed Feb 9, 2015
    i.e. LilDebi.apk instead of "Lil' Debi.apk"
Commits on Feb 7, 2015
  1. start using libsuperuser to do SU tasks

    SDkie committed Feb 7, 2015
    libsuperuser library is used to check the SU availability
    Fixes #148
Commits on Feb 6, 2015
  1. Adding libsuperuser as submodule

    SDkie committed Feb 6, 2015
Commits on Jan 30, 2015
Commits on Jan 27, 2015
Commits on Jan 26, 2015
  1. make-release-build: always build the git tag that matches versionName

    eighthave committed Jan 26, 2015
    Make the process even more foolproof.
Commits on Jan 24, 2015
  1. busybox: support lzma and xz in tar commands

    eighthave committed Jan 24, 2015
    This lets busybox's tar support the lzma and xz options directly, i.e. by
    just adding the right command line flag.
  2. /debian/shell: make sure $id data is valid before checking it is 0

    eighthave committed Jan 24, 2015
    On some devices that I do not have, the embedded busybox `id -u` command is
    failing to run, breaking this script's syntax.  This validates that $id
    contains a number before testing whether it is equal to 0.
    closes #131 #131
  3. set maxSdkVersion="20" for final non-PIE release (supporting < androi…

    eighthave committed Jan 24, 2015
    Android 5.0/Lollipop/android-21 requires executables to be built with -fPIE
    while Android versions older than android-16 do not support -fPIE
    executables at all.  The 0.5.x branch will be devoted to < android-16.
Commits on Jan 22, 2015
  1. set image file limit to 2GB since busybox isn't built with CONFIG_LFS

    eighthave committed Jan 8, 2015
    This is a temporary measure until busybox is built using CONFIG_LFS, then
    it should no longer be the limiting factor.  Instead it'll be the 4GB FAT
    #143 #143
Commits on Jan 8, 2015