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set -e # stop on error
run_pkcs15_init () {
pkcs15-init --options-file pkcs15-init-options-file-pins --options-file $1
if [ ! -e $pinfile ]; then
echo "Edit $pinfile to put in the PINs you want to set:"
touch $pinfile
chmod 0600 $pinfile
echo "pin 123456" >> $pinfile
echo "puk 123456" >> $pinfile
echo "so-pin 12345678" >> $pinfile
echo "so-puk 12345678" >> $pinfile
run_pkcs15_init 0.pkcs15-init-options-file-erase-card
run_pkcs15_init 1.pkcs15-init-options-file-create-pkcs15
run_pkcs15_init 2.pkcs15-init-options-file-store-pin-signing
run_pkcs15_init 3.pkcs15-init-options-file-store-pin-encryption
echo "next generate a key with ./ then ./"
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