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Nansh0u Campaign IoCs 🐢

This repository contains a list of IoCs for the Nansh0u campaign.

Repository Contents

  • The lists of common usernames and passowrds used to break into MSSQL servers
  • Names of files dropped as part of the attacks
  • MD5 hashes of the payloads downloaded as part of the attacks
  • IP addresses of both attackers and connect-backs
  • Domains of mining pools connected-to by the miner malware
  • The attacker's TRTLCoin aallet address
  • a Powershell script made by Guardicore to detect residues of the Nansh0u campaign on a Windows machine

Detection Script - detect_nansh0u.ps1

Running the Script

Open a PowerShell command prompt and run


The script detects traces of the campaign's attacks:

  1. Payload files in c:\ProgramData\
  2. Registry run-keys
  3. The driver SA6482

If the machine has any such residues, the output will contain the sentence

Evidence for Nansh0u campaign has been found on this host.

In such case, you should:

  • remove traces of the attack from C:\ProgramData\
  • remove the malicious driver
  • terminate the miner process
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