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@ShayNehmad ShayNehmad released this Oct 17, 2019

Infection Monkey 1.7.0

This is a BIG, exciting release, with a ton of new features and improvements. To start downloading it while you read the release notes, go to the Infection Monkey website..

New Features 🆕

Zero Trust (#400)

The Monkey now tests your network against the Forrester Zero Trust eXtended framework and provides a report with actionable data and recommendations.

Read more about it in the Infection Monkey for Zero Trust product page or watch a demo video.


Adds the ability to configure monkey using the MITRE ATT&CK matrix and allows to view which ATT&CK techniques were used and how in the report.

Improvements ⤴

Scanning Performance boost (#436)

The monkey now scans its target subnets in parallel, which improves runtime by 4.

Island performance boosts (#441 + #358)

The island now generates reports faster for larger amounts of network nodes by 2 orders of magnitude, which helps when dealing with larger-scale networks. Also, the report is cached if no Monkey has communicated since the last report has been generated.

Hashing all sensitive data in all logs (#438 + #444)

All potentially sensitive data is now logged hashed so no sensitive data is plain-text.

Notification when infection is done (#326)

The Island website will now send you a notification when the infection is done, so you don't need to busy wait on it.

Bug fixes 🐛

Various other bug fixes, such as:

  • Vulnerability stability and success rate improvements.
  • Monkey has TTL before it automatically marked as dead so report finishes in case of lost communication after network changes, shutdowns or crashes. (#313)
  • Automatic black-box testing suite. (#420)
  • Monkey will work on Windows machines that aren't installed on C:\. (#349)
  • Not showing Linux machines in PTH credentials map. (#338)

Attached binaries and hashes:

File Hash (SHA256)
monkey-linux-32 EF7A72FFDDF3A54C74F458201A45B51B779A68C460A309B0D5FD247264D7137D
monkey-linux-64 333529B3061473BF5EE713FA7E3DF4B05DD01823840BB92E1E715488A749B9EA
monkey-windows-32.exe 603D982D4A3D8459573D016E36BCFC0AD776CE2CB7DFF965954C688AB17E1727
monkey-windows-64.exe E400F0D56570215C458D6EDED63E72AC6E82819EFF2FC5969A73883261B5976E
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