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This is a simple build bot written for building guardrail
( but can also be used for other

Each project (or whatever is to be built) has a configuration file,
ideally in configs/, see the template there for an example - it should
be self-explaining. The build bot then fetches the repository (either
with clone or with pull, the latter only allowing fast-forward commits)
into the specified path, runs make and puts the generated file (again
see the template) onto github, check the.. you already know.

# FIXME this will become obsolete
For the uploader script you need an upload.creds, see
upload.creds.example for an example. You can see your API key in your
account settings on github. Also, you currently need a patched version
of Net::GitHub::Upload that supports deletion of uploaded files (so you
can replace your foo-current.tgz). For now, use the "deletefile" branch
from git://

It's very hackish but it works for me :-) For pull requests proceed as
usual, for questions drop me a mail at