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guardrail (written in lower case) is, by now, essentially a fork of
EFF's great HTTPS everywhere. We thank the EFF for all effort they've
done in building this software - but, unfortunately - development
appears to got stuck.
guardrail aims to implement everything HTTPS Everywhere did, but in the
mid term the goals are as following (not in that exact order):
- Implement rule loading apart from the .xpi package, just like e.g.
AdBlock Plus does. Currently, Firefox has to be restarted for every
rule update to get the new .xpi loaded. For maintainance reasons we
may also split off the the rules into a separate .xpi.
- Provide information about certificates. As you are reading this either
on github or via a cloned repository currently you may be geek enough
to figure out it's hard to convince your parents to install, say,
CACert's root certificate. guardrail should provide an easy way to
display more information about an issuer's certificate, whether it's
installed or not.
- Imitate Certificate Patrol. Certificate Patrol is a very neat Firefox
extension that informs you of changes in SSL certificates. However, sites as
Google tend to randomly deliver different SSL certificates for no obvious
reason. guardrail could add such hints into its rules to make your mother not
be afraid when using SSL.
- Disable sending of Referer: headers when displaying mixed contents,
e.g. on Wikipedia.
- Probably a whole lot more.
An automatically built XPI is available here:
You can fetch our PGP key 6787474A either via or at - the
fingerprint is
8461 7D20 3EF2 7B48 A2A4 0C26 C103 2E4B 6787 474A
If you'd like to get in touch with us, just fork the project from github
( and send a pull request, subscribe to
our mailing list ( or
just talk to us (tommie or yath) on IRCNet.
We're awaiting your comments, sugesstions, brainstorming and - of
course! - your pull requests!