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With over 23,000 pictures on my Flickr account and Yahoo! closing projects left and right I began to feel a little nervous and I tried several options to export my Flickr pictures.
Tried different free software solutions but none of them worked all the way, they would always fail in one way or another. Also, having all my pictures in my local drive isn't too convenient when it comes to sharing with friends and family.

Google+ Circles launches with Picasa integration, a far more interesting combination to store my pictures than Facebook's limited main stream solution, now I knew I needed a script to migrate my 23,589 pictures from Flickr to Picasa.

A friend on Google+ recommended a python script shown on a blog post at

This is slightly modified version of that script. It handles some exceptions that were probably not ocurring at the time the original author wrote it. As of July 2011 it managed to export all my 23,589 pictures (without breaking to an Exception during the entire run)


Python 2.6 recommended.

Requires flickrapi and gdata. You can install these by issuing the following commands on your terminal.

$ easy_install-2.6 gdata
$ easy_install-2.6 flickrapi
$ easy_install-2.6 threadpool

You will need a Flickr API Key and Secret to get the script to work.
You can obtain these at
Note: if "easy_install-2.6" doesn't work Josiah Ritchie says that "easy-install" worked for him in Ubuntu.


Save '' as '' and enter the appropiate Flickr and Picasa credentials in the configuration variables declared in it.


After you've configured your credentials just fire up the script on your terminal

$ python

If for some weird reason the script stops, just launch it again, it will re-scan your flickr account again but it will pickup right where it left the last time.


Do whatever you want with it, the original script didn't come with a license, so I'm not attaching a license to it either.