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convert between simplified and traditional chinese
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A front end in emacs to convert between simplified and traditional Chinese with opencc or cconv.

Author: Cong Gu



Have either opencc or cconv installed in your system.


M-x package-install RET chinese-conv RET

Put the following into init file (e.g. ~/.emacs)

(require 'chinese-conv)


Put chinese-conv.el into desired location (e.g. ~/.emacs/site-lisp/) and put the following into init file (e.g. ~/.emacs)

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp")
(require 'chinese-conv)


Chinese-conv comes with support for opencc and cconv as backends.

Use opencc as backend (Default)

To change opencc program path, set chinese-conv-opencc-program (default: "opencc"),

(setq chinese-conv-opencc-program "/PATH/TO/BIN/opencc")

To change opencc data directory, set chinese-conv-opencc-data (default: "/usr/share/opencc/"),

(setq chinese-conv-opencc-data "/PATH/TO/DATA/")

Use cconv as backend

Set the backend to cconv,

(setq chinese-conv-backend "cconv")

To change cconv program path, set chinese-conv-cconv-program (default: "cconv"),

(setq chinese-conv-cconv-program "/PATH/TO/BIN/cconv")


Interactive query


M-x chinese-conv RET 后天 RET traditional RET

后天 is the string to convert. The interactive command will guess it from marked region or current word.

traditional is the conversion type. It is read with completion among all the available types. Hit TAB for a complete list of available types.

The result will be displayed in minibuffer.

Interactive replace

Example: Mark the region to be converted in the buffer, then

M-x chinese-conv-replace RET traditional RET

The marked region will be converted to traditional characters.

Non-interactive API

(chinese-conv "后天" "traditional")
=> "後天"

Backend can be explicitly specified,

(chinese-conv "后天" "traditional" "opencc")
=> "後天"
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