Gem-Toolbox is a RubyGems plugin that adds extra commands to RubyGems: open, doc, history, readme and visit
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This is a gem that adds a few extra commands to RubyGem: open, readme, history and doc and visit.


Opening a gem

To open a gem's installation folder in textmate:

$ export EDITOR=mate
$ gem open gem-toolbox

Note: This is the same command as the one in open_gem.

Changing directory to the gem's source files

$ gem cd gem-toolbox

Note: This currently only works in Terminal (Mac OSX)

Displaying the README

The readme command will try to find a readme file and display it using $GEM_PAGER or $PAGER:

$ export PAGER=less
$ gem readme gem-toolbox

If you prefer to read it using a editor:

$ gem readme gem-toolbox -c vim

Viewing the gem's changelog

You can view the changelog using the history command:

$ gem history gem-toolbox

It will search the gem for a typical changelog file (history, changes, changelog) and display it using $GEM_PAGER or $PAGER or a custom command (-c).

Browsing the documentation

To browse the documentation for a gem in your browser:

$ gem doc gem-toolbox

You can use a custom command too:

$ gem doc gem-toolbox -c lynx

Note: This is the same command as read from open_gem.

Visiting the gem's homepage

This opens the gem's homepage in your favorite browser

$ gem visit gem-toolbox


This gem is based on adamsanderson's open_gem, thank you!