Data for (hopefully) all publicly available and user contributed static data for Strætó bs.
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Strætó data

This repository contains data files for (hopefully) all publicly available and user contributed static data for Strætó bs. which provides the public transportation for the greater Reykjavík area.

Which data is available

Route stops

In the stops folder, the files are named as such


For example route 1 going from Hlemmur towards Klukkuvellir is named 1-A-Klukkuvellir.csv.

Route paths

The routes data is included in the routes folder. The format should be fairly self-explanatory but one should be aware that the data is drafted up in Google Earth so it is far from perfect.


The schedules from the Strætó website have been processed into a computer friendly format.

Each column represents trips that are alike. The start of a trip is marked by a 0 and the consequent numbers represent how long it takes in minutes to reach that stop from the previous one.


In the timetables folder, the same naming pattern is used as for the route stops above. The timetables are generated and expanded from the schedules.


If you would like to contribute data that you have, either fork this repository and send a pull request or submit an issue with whatever you have.


The allStops.csv file was provided by Strætó bs. and the license of which is unclear, but could be published online.

The remaining data is dual licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and ODbl 1.0.

CC BY-SA 3.0

Thanks (in no particular order)