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<%= extension_name %>
<%= extension_name.gsub(/./,"=") %>
<%= description %>
To build it, just do this:
make installcheck
make install
If you encounter an error such as:
"Makefile", line 8: Need an operator
You need to use GNU make, which may well be installed on your system as
gmake install
gmake installcheck
If you encounter an error such as:
make: pg_config: Command not found
Be sure that you have `pg_config` installed and in your path. If you used a
package management system such as RPM to install PostgreSQL, be sure that the
`-devel` package is also installed. If necessary tell the build process where
to find it:
env PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config make && make installcheck && make install
And finally, if all that fails (and if you're on PostgreSQL 8.1 or lower, it
likely will), copy the entire distribution directory to the `contrib/`
subdirectory of the PostgreSQL source tree and try it there without
env NO_PGXS=1 make && make installcheck && make install
If you encounter an error such as:
ERROR: must be owner of database regression
You need to run the test suite using a super user, such as the default
"postgres" super user:
make installcheck PGUSER=postgres
Once <%= extension_name %> is installed, you can add it to a database. If you're running
PostgreSQL 9.1.0 or greater, it's a simple as connecting to a database as a
super user and running:
CREATE EXTENSION <%= extension_name %>;
If you've upgraded your cluster to PostgreSQL 9.1 and already had <%= extension_name %>
installed, you can upgrade it to a properly packaged extension with:
CREATE EXTENSION <%= extension_name %> FROM unpackaged;
For versions of PostgreSQL less than 9.1.0, you'll need to run the
installation script:
psql -d mydb -f /path/to/pgsql/share/contrib/<%= extension_name %>.sql
If you want to install <%= extension_name %> and all of its supporting objects into a specific
schema, use the `PGOPTIONS` environment variable to specify the schema, like
PGOPTIONS=--search_path=extensions psql -d mydb -f <%= extension_name %>.sql
The `<%= extension_name %>` data type has no dependencies other than PostgreSQL.
Copyright and License
Copyright (c) <%="%Y") %> <%= maintainer %>.
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