Git support #23

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guedes commented Oct 12, 2011

The initial work to use a SCM was done with git, but need more work on more SCMs on the future.

added some commits Sep 19, 2011
@guedes create a default .gitignore file
when create a extension using skeleton it now creates a default
.gitignore file.

Fix #15.
@guedes added initial git support. ref #16 fcea520
@guedes adding git support, ref #16
Added more example to README
Now pgxn_utils notice the repository creation
Now pgxn_utils do an initial commit
@guedes fixing tests 0428c2f
@guedes bundle using git archive, ref #17 0571ae0
@guedes fixing git url on README, ref #17 eb2af74
@guedes fixing git url on README, ref #17 ef10e82
@guedes guedes merged commit 91ae5ef into master Oct 12, 2011
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