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dead simple GTK/D-Bus shutdown dialog
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goodbye - dead simple GTK/D-Bus shutdown dialog

goodbye is a simple application that does nothing else but to show a shutdown dialog. This dialog gives you the choice to

  • shut down your system,
  • reboot your system,
  • suspend to RAM or to
  • hibernate (suspend to disk).

Builtime dependencies:

  • a C compiler
  • Make
  • GTK2 or GTK3

Runtime dependencies:

  • GTK2 / GTK3
  • D-Bus
  • for shutting down and rebooting: ConsoleKit
  • for suspending and hibernating: UPower


$ make
# make install


If you run goodbye, please make sure the following conditions are met:

  1. Your session is registered with ConsoleKit.

  2. The D-Bus system bus is accessible (dbus-daemon --system is running).

  3. You are authorized by PolicyKit to perform the respective action.


This software is licensed under the MIT/X Consortium License. See LICENSE for more details.


Georg Reinke guelfey at googlemail dot com

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