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An ipelet programmed in lua that lets you create a bisector between two line segments.
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An ipelet programmed in lua that lets you create a weighted bisector between two line segments, or between every line segment of a given polychain.


  • Download the .lua-file and place it in your $HOME/.ipe/ipelets directory.

  • Open ipe, look in ipelets -> Bisector


  • weights are defined by the pen-size of an edge

  • if two parallel line segments are chosen then a line segment centered between them is drawn

  • if two adjacent edges are chosen the bisector starts in their common endpoint

  • if a polyline is selected a bisector is drawn between every consecutive edge


The second .lua file, "l2bisector.lua" constructs the weighted Euclidean bisector between two points. The points are represented by "marks" and the weight is given as size of these marks.


  • embed the l2-bisector in the other bisector file
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