Intel Academic IoT course - board setup, labs and projects
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Intel Academic IoT Course

Videos corresponding to the labs and projects :

Contents :

  • Presentations on IoT : See the video recordings. Slides in PPTX and PDF are available in the slides folder.
  • Setup of Intel Edison and Intel Galileo : check the 2 readme in this folder and the videos (you'll need both).
  • Labs : simple IoT basics demonstrated in detail (analog and digital IO, PWM, SPI ...). Check the labs folder and videos ! To download the labs from Edison or Galileo :


  • Project : real life IoT projects, explained in detail with code. A mix of old and new IoT protocols, web, analytics ... and more.

Note to Professors :

  • Content : This content was created for you. It's open source. We are focusing on core IoT technologies, not only Intel technologies. The knowledge students will get from this course can be deployed today or in the future on most IoT boards.
  • Hardware : We also distributed Galileo boards in universities worldwide. If you need the sensor kits used in the labs, or SD cards, let me know :
  • We are totally available to help you integrate IoT in your curriculum.
  • We also run workshops in universities.

Also check :

This repository is dedicated to linux command line usage of Intel Edison and Galileo. But you also have :

Contact :