An automatic object pool for AS3
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An automatic object pool for AS3.

A simple and fast object pool that can automatically recycle an object based on the objects default values making it very easy to use.


When dealing with memory fragmentation, especially when targeting mobile platforms, one of the best solutions is to simply re-use instances and block them from garbage collection.

An object pool allows you to manage the fetching and recyling aspects in your code, so that you can re-use instances with minimal hassle.

This object pool supports multiple types of objects in a single pool.


It supports sub-lists of types so it is very easy to work with.

How To use


First of all you will want to create an instance of the object pool:

var pool:ObjectPool = new ObjectPool(**prefetchCount**);

The prefetchCount is used to decide how many instances to create if there are no more instances left in the pool.

For scenarios that require frequent creation/recycling you will want a larger prefetchCount.

In most situations, 1 or 2 is a good value to set.


Now that the ObjectPool is setup, we can use it!

Here is an example of getting an item from the pool:

var point:Point = pool.fetch(Point);
trace(point.x) // "0"
trace(point.y) // "0"

At this stage, the variable "point" will be recycled and reset to its default values (in as3.geom.Point it will be x:0,y:0).


Aha I caught you off guard! I don't have any advice for how you use your object, do with it as you wish!


When you want to return your object to the pool simply:


And the point will be recycled and sent back to the pool.

WARNING: Do not use your recycled instance (ie point). It has been reset and if you mess with it its values will be different.

Advanced use

If you require custom recycling behaviour (maybe you have a complex object that needs to be reset specifically), you can make your object implement the "ICustomPoolable" interface.

For example:

public function onPooled():void{
this.connection = Connections.getCurrentLegalConnection();

(note: I have no idea what my scenario is above is about, but you get the idea. Custom recycle behaviour!).

Full example

			var pool:ObjectPool = new ObjectPool(1);
			for (var i:int = 0; i < 100; i++)
				var p:Point= pool.fetch(Point);

As I decided I did not want to use the pool anymore, I cleared all of the lists inside it at the end.

For the above example, only 1 instance of "Point" was created but it was re-used 100 times.